I am…

6 thoughts on “I am…”

  1. I am
    jahed karim panna
    i am starting my new software firme from 26 march nobody given us any depandable job to me so i have devloped my own new software firme
    we have devloped
    b)link managment system
    c)online artgallery
    if there any one naglated by outhers they may work with us

  2. Hi,
    This is Shuvo, SagunBagicha, Dhaka..
    After longtime working online with Mr. Asrafullah Khan, UK..we start jointly CJVU Bangladesh. Dedicated eCommerce company.

    Our Starting projects are:

    Our all project will launch officially on 24 March 2007 at National Press Club at 11:30 AM. You are invited.

    And this month we are participating BASIS Softexpo 2007 on 28 March to 01 April at CBFCC.

    For free entry… Please call at 019 11 368 308.


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