A new look to CodeIgniter, Finally!

2 thoughts on “A new look to CodeIgniter, Finally!”

  1. Hello Hasin bhai,

    I am curently using CakePHP for my projects, but everywhere I go, people seem to talk about Code Igniter. So, I thought I will just have a look at it.

    And, from what I found out, it seemed very similar to CakePHP, except the fact that it is much more flexible. And from what I get to hear, it is much faster. In fact, after quickly going through the manual, I was so impressed that I am seriously planning to make the move from Cake to CI.

    But one issue is concerning me. CI, as far as I got to know, is in PHP4. So, will I run into trouble if I have to run my apps in PHP5?

    Sorry, if this was not the most appropriate place to pose this question.

  2. Ahsan – CodeIgniter supports both PHP4 and PHP5. I’ve been using it to write PHP5 apps for almost a year now and can report that it works great.

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