Javascript For Living?? Oh hell yeah….

12 thoughts on “Javascript For Living?? Oh hell yeah….”

  1. one of our colleagues was telling,
    “when ppl will die, god will give a task for the evil people for their punishment…”

    so we were curious to know more about the punishment as we are religious … our colleague said:
    “…god will say, make a web stuff only using JavaScript…”

    evil will show up a smile face,
    “Huh!!… at least i can give a try..”

    our colleague said:
    “…god will say, it must be compatible with all browsers… including IE 6 and Opera…”

    best wishes, for javascript … 🙂

  2. Hasin Bro,

    Good post. It will be a lot more helpful if you can post the most exciting resource links besides the tips. Like:

    1. DOM Scripting………will do. Here is an article that helped me most.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I would like to add a rather supererogatory and pretentious remark that everyone neophyte in jscript like me should study Hasin’s Bangla Keyboard’s js. That might help 😉

  4. Hello
    I am Prashant from calcutta India.
    I need your help in wordpress.
    I have integrated WordPress in my site and now from here anyone can create new WPblog. Its working fine.

    If my site is then after creating WPblog the new blog url is

    Problem :

    Now i am trying to use XML-RPC 2.2 and trying to fetch blogger information, its working fine if i am trying to fetch blogs which is under (hosted by others) but i am not able to fetch the same for my site!! ( I have .htaccess in my site and from there i am redirecting my user to there blogs.) . Will you please tell me what the mistake i am doing here.

    Error : When i am trying to fetch the “” then i am getting “404 not found” ,when i am doing i am getting the msg : “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

    I show this error in many site but not getting the solution. i hope i will get help soon!!!

  5. আমি চাই ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসে কোন পোস্ট লেখকের নামের উপর মাউস ধরলে যেন তার ছবি এবং তার Biographical info দেখা যায়। ফেইসবুকে কারও নামের উপর মাউস ধরলে যেমনটা হয়। আশা করি আপনার কাছ থেকে এর একটা দারুন সমাধান পাব।

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