My Life!! A trueman show?

Hasin, get up, it is 7AM
Its 7:25, office car will arrive soon, please take something for breakfast
Howdy everyone, Its 8 AM, Office Time
&$!&$&[email protected]^%$^%!$#%$#!^%$^%[email protected]^%@ – Are you Insane??
Its 1 PM – Time for lunch
Want some drinks? Candy floss is there at 1:35
Hey – Its 2PM – ^(@*&@^*^@*#^*@#*&@^#*_)(_)(*(*&*&^
Bye Bye Bye – Its 6PM, Everyones Leaving
Hey Still at office? Its 7
Feeling hungry? Well, take some meal getting back to home, Its 8PM
Taxi, wanna goto Home?
Click-Clock-Door Opened, OHHH sweet home……Whats the time??? 9?
Only 10? why not write some pages before you goto bed?
Its 1AM?? OMG, Time to goto bed….i am gonna miss office tomorrow….
Hasin, Its 7AM………..


  1. but at least now we are getting somewhere, a new team, boosted capacity, and day by day we get closer to a new blog world in v2.0, even better, thinking on the futher extension to come for v2.1 a month later 🙂 isn’t it the colourful moments of togetherness, discovery and achievements which keeps you going? just make sure that you treat yourself and bhabi with some good time off with regular intervals. 🙂

  2. hello hasin bhaia….you know what…that’s actually the cycle of life that we all have to follow….did you ever think about sun moon stars ??? You know when I think about my daily often i got bore…and when i bore i start thinking about the sun….how precious it is ….he never complain why he’s giving sunshines to us daily on the same time …same way….but does the sun ever complain to us ?? i guess not….so we should also enjoy our life like sun…..Specially people like you 🙂 many people looking for rays from you….so better explore the world with your knowledge rays….:)

    Trinnng Triiiing Trriiing….its 7am again…….lets start exploring the world 🙂

  3. It seems your engine is 100% efficient and no system loss 🙂 .

    One thing, a programmer may die but his creation, his programs will remain live as far as the time goes. And that is the thing we are pround of you for your ongoing way to create a history.

  4. hello…

    I think sometimes you feel that you are really a robot not a humen being 😛

    Yah! You see ROBOCOP or I ROBOT.

    Ok. Now you ur Robot Bhai, Not Hasin Bhai

    he he he

  5. LIFE IS A LIE !!



    WHO IS DIGESTING IT ???? (Education )

    WHO IS PROCESSING IT ??? ( job )

    WHO IS GROWING FROM IT ?? ( Economies / Taxes )

    Who is the Managers / DIRECTORS ( GOVTS )

    THE TRUE MAN show (THE ACT’s Laws etc )

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