Turn your wordpress Blog into a full fledged CMS

Hopefully you know that my second book published few weeks ago from packt publishing. I wrote abput several topics from beginning to master your wordpress blog. One of the chapter, I told how you can customize your wordpress blog into a full fledged CMS by modifying the code. Dont worry, you need not to be a pro for editing this code.

Packt is giving you the facility to freely download this chapter. Goto my book website at http://www.packtpub.com/wordpress/book and download the chapter.


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  2. There is often a lot of confusion about these and some people believe that a CMS should use only Pages and not posts to populate the website. Posts are merely web pages that can be controlled in various ways.

  3. I wish I could find a support forum for the book. After working through several chapters, I have questions about why certain things [work/do not work] the way that they do. It would be nice if this was something available for any future books you might write.

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