Ma, I am proud to be your son

8 thoughts on “Ma, I am proud to be your son”

  1. Hasin,
    Anything wrong my man? The above writing seems you are disappointed for some reason. Sometimes I also miss my Maa a lot. You can see your Maa if you like, but I cannot. But sometime if something good happens to me, I always feel she is just beside me and covered me with her wings. But in that moment I cannot say anything to her, only my eyes becomes wet. 🙂

    We all should be proud of our Maa who never asked anything from us in return. Sometimes I also feels very sad that I never said thanks to her when I had chance.

    But this is the circle of life my friend. One day Afif will feel the same, Eban will feel the same and I wish they may get chance to say these in front of their Maa.

    Maa We really love you and miss you a lot….

  2. hasin bhai,
    mom is really an important gift. she always bless the best wish for her child. in the middle of night she comes to her child room just to ensure whether her child is sleeping properly. she enjoys when she finds her child laugh. she sad when her child is sad….. A mom is a great gift.. we the child are toooo selfish… we think about ourselves only… we don’t care what our mom feels…

    hasin bhai… i wish your mom is ok. delegate my respect to your mom….
    omi bhai, same to you… delegate my respect to your mom … too.

  3. hasin bhaia,

    i think your mom also very proud to have a son like you……my good wishes there for your mom and family… i understand why you are such a nice person… mother like son…..:) Keep it up bhaia….i m really happy that you felt your parents activities in ur life. because now a days very few children can realize their parents hard works….:)

    samiha esha 🙂

  4. I am also praying for your Mom. You cannot really repay your Mother what she has done for you. But keep her smiling and happy. Please give my Salaam and respect to her.

  5. First Salute to your mother Hasin Bhai.
    and I think every mother must be proud after having a son like you.

    We should feel a lot about them,great care about them.
    like u did.

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