My second book has been announced – WordPress Complete

12 thoughts on “My second book has been announced – WordPress Complete”

  1. এখানে ছবিটা অনেক বড় করে দেখাচ্ছে আর খুব সুন্দরও লাগছে…

    আপনারা পারেনও…

    চালিয়ে যান…

  2. great achievement. i am always impressed when searching bookshelves of people i know, and find books written by them. no book in my house says “arild klokkerhaug” on the cover, not even anywhere on the inside… 🙁 must be an enduring colourful moment when you know that thousands of people learn wordpress blogging following your steps… you have with your skills also helped us to set up three very attractive and useful blog systems. this passion is unique

  3. Congrats!! you have again finished a book. You are incredible man. Thanks again for making me feel proud about my country.
    “i never got my name on anyones’s dedication” – if i can someday do something (like, write a poem) i will dedicate that to you. so, don’t be sad :).
    BTW, from the starting my blog is ‘hasin inspired’. 🙂

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