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Golpo is on the way

I am working these days on my bangla chat portal ‘Golpo’. I am very ambitious about this project and I am trying to make it one of the most accessed website in near future (uh eh, I am overoptimistic, always).. I am adding some unique features which are not usually present in this kind of services. I have also a plan to release it’s desktop version.

I will run this project solely by me, no media or no parenting company, solely by me. Because I always feel comfort while there is no one over my head to report, a common symptom of all developers indeed. So How did I spend last couple of days? Last couple of days I was very bz with pageflakes. Its one of the best company I have ever seen in Bangladesh, really so cool.

I am currently seeking PHP developers for somewherein. Its getting hard day by day to find good developers around.

FCiCQ contributed some cool pathces in my wordpress4sqlite project. A severe bug fixed in one of my old projects. A new moderation panel has been developed for somewherein blog. I am also creating a bdjobs account for me, well, may be useless at all.

Now just finishing the book, hopefull it will release very soon. Ah, I am being a robot, a total robot.

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A man is remembered by his great works ………….hopefully you can change the success history of Bangladesh .
You has that zeal. Good Luck 🙂


We have launched the new version of Pageflakes 2 days ago. Needless to
say that I am very excited. Many new features and applications have been
added and the whole interface has undergone a major facelift. Publishing
or sharing pages is much easier now, the selection of templates (ready
to use themes, e.g. sports, finance, etc.) is now online and we are
adding new language support every week (English and German available
now, followed by Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish soon).

Please check out the new Pageflakes at and let me
know your thoughts and feedback.

Some reviews about the new version:

Of course, I’d be thrilled if you spread the word and setup a public or
shared page. Maybe you can also write a little review on your Blog.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards

Joao Gazolla

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