Working for PageFlakes


I join PageFlakes this month as a Flake Developer. PageFlake team recently won the Ajax StartPage race beating Microsoft and Google. As a result, one of the most successful venture capital company BenchMark capital invetsed $5 million in pageflakes.

PageFlakes has around 18 members here in Bangladesh, one of the greatest developer team I have ever seen. Omar Al Zabir, the CTO of PageFlakes is working and coordinating the BD team from here.

I am enjoying my time with PF. Currently I am developing Graph Flake for PageFlakes which will collect remote data in different format and compose them into nicely viewable charts. I hope I can release it within this week.

Thanks to all in PF for their wonderful effort.


  1. হাসিন ভাইয়া,
    শুনে খুব ভালো লাগলো। এগিয়ে যান সামনে…

    আমি কিছুদিন আগে এ সাইনআপ করেছি 🙂

  2. আসলেই সত্যি । এত বড় একটা কাজ আমাদের দেশের ডেভেলপাররা করছে !
    শুনেই খুশি খুশি লাগছে।

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