Just a small anouncement from me on localization

I have done couple of projects for the companies I am working in or worked out, which are localized applications. But most of those projects were ANSI based, not unicode. So I made a decision last night that I wont spend my time for any ANSI projects in near future. All my localized projects will be Unicode.

Some of my colleagues will be extremely happy seeing this announcement, I bet that. But I have to mention a few names who inspired me a lot for making such a decision, among those Ekushey, Ankur and Omicronlab to mention.

One more thing, If , by any chance I have to develop a solution for ANSI, be sure that there will also be a unicode port of that project. That means a Hybrid solution.

Thanks to all who inspired me.


  1. Hybrid or Cross? 🙂 Cross is like when a boy has a Black Dad and White Mom or White Dad or Black Mom it become cross. So when your solution has ANSI+UTC solution, what should we call it. 😉

    Best of luck…

  2. Localization is important to any website. I localized my website a while ago with the help of conversisglobal.com. Since then I have had increased traffic and increased sales.

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