WordPress SQLite – Update One

9 thoughts on “WordPress SQLite – Update One”

  1. Will this go into the next WordPress release? Also, if I start WordPress with mysql, can I easily convert it to sqlite?


  2. Hasin

    taking the lead from your concept of an abstraction layer (of which I thoroughly approve – this seems the only sensible way to enable alternative db support), I have written an abstraction layer for PDO and a driver for sqlite.

    Other drivers will be very easily constructed now, although I will leave that for others more experienced in, eg, Postgres etc.

    I believe that this layer will work from WP 2.o++. Some compatibility issues exist with plugins that don’t properly use the WP API and, as always, upgrade is not currently supported as the WP upgrade functions use mysql specific queries to return information at a column level. I feel that this can be supported with further development (which I _will_ undertake if there is enough interest).


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