Bangla Unicode Phonetic Parsing Script [Transliterator] Released

22 thoughts on “Bangla Unicode Phonetic Parsing Script [Transliterator] Released”

  1. Great work! A great news for the Bangla web developers & users.
    Surely, it will increase the use of Bangla in web.
    Thanks Hasin bhai…
    Long Live Bangla Computing.

  2. Hasin,

    Have you developed the tool with which I can convert the Somewherein text into Unicode and use as quote on my GV posts? Have tried Mahbubbhai’s converter but it is not working on my comp for some reason. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

  3. hasin bhai
    i want to make a website by using bengali unicode.what is the best way to do it.i am not expert to write in bengali.i installed avro keyboard,but on the textpad the bangla character is not showing,some unicode number is showing.

  4. its a great work. i tryed also. but when i post bangla to the website, it’s show very small font. i tryed to make font size bigger in msword after pest there. but still its show small font on the website. i saw some bangla blogsite with cool (bigger & good looking) unicode font. can u tell me, how can i change my font face and size if i use unicode.

  5. HI,

    I was trying to right “DOHON” in the example webpage — u have developed. But I coudn’t .. can you plz help in writing that.

    I will give you another word : “SOHOBAS”

    How can i write this in bengali??? in ur developed webpage??

  6. Salman,
    when you will write “DOHON” & “SOHOBAS” in the example webpage. Use space between latters (দ হ ন, স হ বা স). then just delete those spaces (দহন, সহবাস). It’s not very comfortable but you can use it.

  7. hi

    we plan to do a website in bengali which woud be an interactive online news portal and wanted to have some suggestion to how people cna type in the bengali stuff.. regards

  8. I want to write in Bangla through the English key board. Please give me directions as to how to do this. I will really appreciate.


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