Dear God-Thanks for Giving me yesterday

Yesterday was a great day in my life. I completed my unicode based phonetic parser after dreaming for a long long time. It was not that much tough as I thought while planning. It works great. Finally at 11:30 PM Hasan suggested a nice change and I implemented it to ease the life of end-developers who will incorporate bangla unicode parsers in thier web apps. It was totally around 15 hours job including planning, learning and implementing.

Yesterday I also managed the data in systech digital and it worked fine.

I am releasing the unicode parser from and Google open source community. From now on, i can use this project in my upcoming localized applications.

Thanks God for giving me yesterday and thanks for giving me the spirit to work.


  1. Thank you Hasin for your effort. Is it possible to get it from you? Of course you can email me, or let me know how can I get it. Thanks

  2. Why not, Please email me at my regular email address hasin_at_somewherein_dot_net and I will send you the script. BTW, a short introduction will be appreciated 😉

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