TUX Became Paid and I got one year subscription for Free.

The popular Linux magazine TUX became paid by an announcement yesterday. I was just wondering why it took so long to make the decisssion. Having other paid publishing in their cart like LinuxJournal TUX was offered for free for the last 15 month.

But I like what they did with their existing free subscribers. They make an announcement that they are going to be paid subscription, but they have something for their existing members who are old. Guess what? Most old members got a one year subscription for Free. Whoa!! And I was one luck chap among them

I am an extreme fan of TUX Magazine for the last 12 month and their content are really so good. I have been happy so that they went into paid subscriptiong program, because that will ensure their existence. At least for the next couple of years.

Long live TUX.

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