Fun in Water Kingdom

4 thoughts on “Fun in Water Kingdom”

  1. Wow..those are some colourful shots… Nice to see the Open-source proteges of BD taking a day off from their Geekish servitude 🙂

    Eh, I left long ago due to its lack of customisation option. Does let you upload your own themes and plugins now?

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  3. thnxs for such wonderful pictures which actully shows the whole story!! it was really really a great outing for us.. whole day full of fun..and next day lots of pain in whole body!!! haha.. but i think everyone is wishing to go again and again in such a colourful outing 🙂

  4. even after two days of the picnic, speaking a sentence of more than 3 words are very painful to me. it was such exciting. god knows when i will get back my tone again…

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