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  1. isnt somewhereinblog based on wordpress 2.0? It is already opensource and support metaweblog API. All you need to develop a web based GUI for them. Or create user ID for each of them and inform their user ID. They can implement access our blog using Blog APIs.

    have you ever been to [For mobile] ? We could have something like that.

  2. Hi,

    where can I get ‘’ and ‘/wp/xmlrpc.php’??

    /wp/xmlrpc.php – is the same using by WordPress PHP Script??

    To use this code I need xmlrpc_client CLASS, right??

    I want to setup a simple PHP Script to load from RSS Feed and use MetaWeblog API to Post to some Blog.

    I may use this Script????

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hi,

    I get no response using this

    return_type = ‘phpvals’;
    $r =$c->send($x);
    if ($r->errno==”0″)
    echo “Successfully Posted”;
    else {
    echo “There are some error”;

    I’m using found at lib folder at xmlrpc-2.1 zip.

    Is it allright??

    thanks in advance hasin.


  4. Hello
    I am Prashant from calcutta India.
    I need your help in wordpress.
    I have integrated WordPress in my site and now from here anyone can create new WPblog. Its working fine.

    If my site is then after creating WPblog the new blog url is

    Problem :

    Now i am trying to use XML-RPC 2.2 and trying to fetch blogger information, its working fine if i am trying to fetch blogs which is under (hosted by others) but i am not able to fetch the same for my site!! ( I have .htaccess in my site and from there i am redirecting my user to there blogs.) . Will you please tell me what the mistake i am doing here.

    Error : When i am trying to fetch the “” then i am getting “404 not found” ,when i am doing i am getting the msg : “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

    I show this error in many site but not getting the solution. i hope i will get help soon!!!


  5. Thanks you Hasin. I was struggling with Blogger API as the title wasn’t getting set when posting to wordpress. The code stub you gave works wonderfully well. Still have problems with the categories though. Couldnt figure that out. If you can mail me how to set categories in these posts, that would be lovely. Thanks a lot !! Cheers!!

  6. Hi Hasin,
    thanks a lot for your example.
    My question is: how do you get the allowed element lists to populate $content array (I mean … where is described the struct?)

  7. This works great for my wordpress stuff, but I’m trying to figure out how to set the content such that it will schedule the post for a future date/time. Any ideas what I need to set in content?

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