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Today morning, I added support for unicode in somewhereinblog. Now people can write text and display them as unicode if they just enclose their texts using [unicode] tag.

I am working for a phonetic unicode parser, i hope it will be up soon.


  1. it is really nice to hear that you r working on phonetic unicode parser. i have seen some problems in online unicode parser developed by bdjobs staff.
    one problem is that often the font changes to english automatically and starts writing english instead of bangla.

    hasin vy,it will be great if we get a RichText editor with unicode bangla support or even a text field capable of writing both bangla & english.

    thanks again

  2. Hi Hasin, currently are most posts on somewherein in Bijoy or Unicode? I cover the Bangla blogs and do round-up posts for both Global Voices and Desipundit and I face some problems when trying to browse and take quotes from blogs in somewherein.

    1. I use unicode to write and as such have not yet been able to use the search function on the site to look for blogs of a specific topic. I know the site has some categories listed at the top but I have found that the posts do not always belong to the category. Thus I am finding it a little difficult to search for particlular posts on the site. Any suggestions?

    2. What do most people write in? Bijoy? I am not being able to quote from a blog when I want to link a particular post. The moment I cut and paste, it becomes a jumble of alphabets. I have tried using some converters for example the one by Mehbubbhai but again I am getting only jumbled bengali alphabets. So I have to always re-write the lines in Unicode and then link back. Any suggestions will be welcome.


  3. Aparna, In somewhereinblog we are not delivering unicode text unless you enclose your text [unicode] block. So I am just giving answer to your questions.

    1. As somewherein blog doesnot deliver the contents in unicode but in alpona (boishakhi) so you cannot search as you want it. You must first enclose it with [unicode’ tag blog. For example you write in this format [unicode]blah blah text[/unicode] then it will be rendered as unicode text

    2. People writes in bijoy. So We just develop a web based script which can parse your keystrokes as bijoy keymap. So that people get the same flavor. You can use a web based converter like one in http://thpbd.org/bangla/

    when you copy texts from somewherein blog they are jumbled because they rendered into boishakhi font.

  4. Thanks for the replies Hasin and for the link to the converter. However, I am still not able to convert correctly. Here is a sample:

    এখফ শতি ১০-৩৭ৃ ড়শিীিনফ অজি এই ড়ইিত্তট কটিষিরিৃ ড়কত্তিষ এত্তড় মত্তড়ীছৃ এখত্তফ িঅীিছৃ কজি ত্তল এত্তকমত্তিশ ীছষ ফ িত িফঃৃ ভ্বীিক রশিষরিৃ অত্তফক ীকছ্র ীফত্তঃ ীষখত্তত ইত্তব্জছ ঢ়ঃৃ অমিশি ীফীনল্গঞ্জ টীবক বইি ফৃি

    This is the first para of the post ‘amar aami’ posted on Somewherein today. Is there any way of correcting this? I am really interested in getting this right as there are many lovely posts on somewherein which I would like to quote when I aggregate for Global Voices and DesiPundit.

    Thank you

  5. Well, Aparna, Give me a day. I am creating a tool which can convert the current post content in unicode so that you can grab it for reference.

  6. [size=4] আসুন আসুন চলে আসুন ইউনিকোডে । ঝেড়ে ফেলুন ASCII .[/size]

  7. Hi all. I’m going to start a project: java api for bangla conversion. Of course open source. But I’m new to work with bangla. Can anyone help me by giving character map of various encoding for bangla typing(eg. Bijoy, Boisakhi, Bongshee etc). Any programming language code like c/c++, java, php, C#, VB may help me. I hope someone must help me to go forward.

    Thank you all.

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