Just an idea – Dhaka in your cellphone

Last night I got an idea to implement. May be I will not be able to spend time as I am totally running out of time because of my book and some small works, some of you will defnitely be able to work for it.

IDEA: So whats the idea? Well, this will be a web application where people can add an address and easiest direction to go to that place. For example, I add “somewherein office” with the following direction

come to gulshan 1, head towards gulshan2. turn left just after the shahjalal bank and you find road # 24. then seek house # 18

People can add their places with proper direction as shown in above format. then developer can develop a sms server where people can just query from their mobile phone and kaboom, they will receive the directions back as sms from that server. Also for web based searching, we may incorporate google map with it as google is now showing dhaka in their map.

Benefit: The sole benefit of this project will be tremendous. it will be a great place where people can get directions to goto a new place. It is a participatory small database application and people can use most of it with extreme flexibility. It will be also a very useful service.

If u just make it a web 2.0 application, that will be fantastic.

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  1. Here in Germany some mobile companies are offering a Windows Mobile based Pocket PC or Smartphone which can act as an advanced communications enabled satellite navigation and route planning system with detailed turn-by-turn voice guidance door to door and real-time location tracking. I think Bangladesh should work on GPS navigation systems.

  2. Rezwan bhai, Though I am not sure but I think In dhaka GPS devices are not so available. But if they are, then we can develop many cool applications indeed. Thanks for your comment.

  3. great idea, hasin.

    unlimited possibilities when somewhere in… launches local mash ups with google maps/earth, and the community contribute with whatever is there: the site of an event, the place from where news are reported, the office that advertises your dream job, the shop which have a 50% discount sale, etc.

    tags will be required so that it can handle the different ways of spelling somewherein, somewhere in…, swi, etc, put in by the users to help increasing the success rate.

    and with somewhere in…’s focus on local community supported through the mobile infra structure, you will soon be able to research on your great idea. keep the rnd, web and digitania teams in the loop of your ideas.

  4. guess what, i reached this page trying to findout if there is any development in GPS for dhaka. feels like we are centuries behind in every technology. i agree with rezwan…

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