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Kudos to Ipshita

Ipshita is my colleague in somewhere in… and we both work in java desk. Ipshita recently did a very good job which really surprised me. Ipshita’s father and some of his friends run an orphanage in Bangladesh. Ipshita spend her salary of first month and bought a television for the kids in orphanage, so that they could enjoy the world cup. I am very surprised by her work.

Kudos to you Ipshita. You did really a great job.

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that’s wonderful for ipsi. . . we all have to be careful when teasing her. . . now we know she can instantly command an army of young kids to take you down. . . 😎

good work ipshita!


thanks everyone.. for apriciating me for such a small work..
special thanks goes to hasin vaiya.. as he remember such a small thing and give me thanks, in such a special way..

hi, ipshita great job done by u.. hope u’ll do everything that u want to do in ur life, keep going.. it has become a great inspiration for me girl wid the same name.. so its great knowing about u…

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