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  1. Thanks to Hasin. It is a real to all Bangladeshi programmer. As I am a lecturer of PHP I always same feel to contribute my code online. I am making my site for all FOSS people, so that people can able to share them with me.

    Cheers !! Working together FOSS.

  2. Very true for us. Sad that we cannot pay for s/w we use neither can we get any support for that.

    Our contribution to OS community may not be BIG but I think we don’t really count on that, do we Hasin? You and I both know and everyone else will agree contribution has to come from Open Mind. Surely some (1 or 2) comments back from users make us feel great.


    Ehsan Haque

  3. Dedication is good, but blindness is not.

    So I am not a Mad, Dumb headed psycho who just scream for FOSS out of nothing. I scream for my personal ethics and for my personal satisfaction. I use FOSS and motivate people to using that. Nothing more.


    I liked this part very much. Actually I’m also working for FOSS related works, which gives me lots of opportunity for R&D (Research and Development) but it does not mean I should only work or use FOSS. So far FOSS solutions are good for us (developers), but still not much friendly for the end users.

    I will say that most of the FOSS related developers are quite blind behind their projects and sometimes they forget how it could be represent to the end user.

    I can give you a simple example. If you install a latest version of Linux and it doesn’t boot with a GUI desktop, you have to type more then 5 like commands to make it done. You may not succeed also. But in Windows, if your graphic card is not detected, you’ll get a fuzzy desktop and you can fix the problem with some clicks. So how flexible FOSS is to end users!!!

    Thanks to Hasin for the open minded comment.

    Hasin’s close friend

  4. Nice piece of writing. Anything open source is great obviously.

    But anyone must remember that WE and Bangladesh CANNOT survive without pirated software. You are here at this position only because you had pirated software to work with. Else you and/or your parents could not have afforded windows, could not have afforded MS Word to even learn basic PC let alone become the programmer/developer you are now. I doubt any of you have more than 10% legitimate software installed in your PC.

    I have purchased many software (even a 4000$ Visual Studio 2003) but even then I will never refrain or rebuke anyone for using pirated software. Piracy is a blessing for Bangladesh and 3rd world countries. Everyone should realize that.



  5. That is the Irony. I agree 100% with you, Anam. But the fact is that when we learn basic computing we know nothing about windows and linux, ms office or open office. If you just take proper initiative that you child will learn in a PC where FOSS are the main learning source and that PC runs in Linux, whats the difference?

    These days Suse 10.1 or Ubuntu (mostly Edubuntu) are so friendly that people can learn easily. I bet that if they learn in linux, they will find winXP is not friendly or whatever (exactly what we think while porting from windows to linux)

    You know a kewl thing? Children born with “100 language in his mind but he learn only one and forget the rest” – same thing about us – we born with 25 operating system in out head, we learn one or two and forget the rest 😀

    Have fun, thanks all of you for your comments.

  6. OS initiative is very important… when software cost was rising as headache OS helped for searching out better alternative.
    For our daily activities we can easily move on OS platform. It requires lot of initiative from our deshi OS community.

    I personally support OS and at the same time I feel there should be some professional companies.

  7. I really don’t understand why some of you intentionally left out / ignore BLUA’s contribution to the Bangladeshi FOSS scene. BDLUG isn’t the only LUG in Bangladesh, BLUA exists too. Now don’t be mean and give me some credit!

  8. Hi, I didnt see any activity of BLUA in last 2.5 year. Where is it and who are the members? Let me know details, I will add you here. But before knocking me, come with a list of your contribution. I really dont understand why didnt I hear about BLUA’s activity for so long time.

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