Its unbelievable and very pathetic. Germany lose the match because of the last two minute. It is extremely disappointing. It hurts me.

Last day It was great fun with RubyOnRails. I spend a lot of time for basic Ruby and rails. It is a great framework, no doubt.


  1. Germany lose they game before the start second overtime :)))) No attacks and weak defence is a way to push out themself from a World Cup 🙂

    I love football and play football to much and was very very angry when saw how germany played with Argentina. I love Argentina and it unbelivable to see how refery give an advantage for Germany… hate this refery unkind guy … 🙂

    I would try RubyOnRails in a near future 😉

  2. Germany played well, but the Italians played better overall. THe Italians always looked more dangerous than the Germans and their defense was impeccable. However, the Germans had luck and Jens Lehmann to keep them in the game, but luck and Jens Lehmann can only last so long against an Italian offensive like the ones witnessed in that game. The Italians just got better and better as time went by, so they toroughly deserve the win.

    Thumbs up for Germany for giving their all!

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