Update June 21st

I met Dr. Shah Musa, one of the chip design architect from Intel corporation, to extend his Nobobangla project at a new level. So far the second phase is complete. As a lead developer of Nobobangla project phase I and II, I am extending a specll checker which works as an integrated module of MS word. I am also working for the “on-the-fly” nobobangla editor.

Last night I redesigned my resume to a short version. I removed all the detailed project info and kept only some important projects. Now its a two page short resume which highlight me and my workability.

FeedPHP is going to be an affliate of PHPClasses.org. Yesterday I talked to Manuel Lemos and finished the initial steps. He has written and great review to my book, Smarty. You can check out this review by clicking here


  1. ‘Nobobangla is a new written style of Bangla’ – as its website suggests. Do you think Bangladesh is ready to have a change in Bangla script?

  2. Rezwan bhai, Musa bhai nobobangla shuru korechilen emon ekta time e jokhon unicode niye bangladeshe eto matamati shuru hoy nai. Uni just etake bangla computing er ekta solution hisbe dekhate cheyechen. Ami prothom thekei ei project er sobgulo software develop korechi, bola jay ek orthe lead developer ar-ki. Nobobangla r idea ta amar kharap lage nai.

    Prothom prothom accept kora ta ektu somosya, itomodhyei onekei boleche je “this is not acceptable by any means” – kintu musa bhai to jor kore kauke accept korte bolen nai, uni just ekta proposal korechen. I am not biased by him, though I think, proposal ta ekbar dekhte paren.

    Banglatei likhlam, onek sohoje ja bolte chacchilam tai bole fellam. Ami kintu apnar bloger bishal fan, sei 2004 theke jokhon rifat(clue your eye and try to see) first apnar bloger sathe amake porichoy kore diyechilo. Salute to you. Kudos.

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