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FeedPHP is going to be the largest PHP News Source


FeedPHP is a free RSS aggregator which collects feed, parse and display the titles with a link back to the original source. This is one top news source for PHP and relevant technologies. This website is currently displaying news feeds from different fields like PHP, PHP Blogs, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Java and others. No doubt, this is going to be the largest PHP news source in near future.

The whole site is a single page with mod_rewrite tricks. For performance, the contents are cached for several minutes, otherwise my site will be convicted for consuming excess bandwidth from those sites. Moreover, the site will be extremely slow for consuming remote contents frequently. Output buffering was used to serve the content quickly.

6 replies on “FeedPHP is going to be the largest PHP News Source”

At the first sight, I thought it was going to be the same as or Planet-PHP, but I was wrong.

It looks interesting… Good luck!

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