Free Software that made my life easier

9 thoughts on “Free Software that made my life easier”

  1. “Email: Ha Ha Ha, No place for Outlook. I like and trust on Thunderbird.”
    Yeah! rather to kill my self when i using Outlook … Thunderbird fighting!!! 🙂
    PHP Designer it totally ownage .. nice , comfartable and Free !

  2. uff i found where is the problem.
    It’s a bug. File : functions.js
    variable smart_div is a string but it should be an array.
    I try to expect where is bug :
    F.E function load_action_smartly()
    which execute function and function execute for example smart_response function.
    There is a smart_response source
    ” document.getElementById(smart_div).innerHTML = result; ”
    look at smart_div parameter … why we can use it ??? This parameter will be overwritten before this function will be execute.
    I mean that while in progress another request will overwrite this variable.
    So i guess you decide this problem, and soon we will see another zephyr realease 🙂
    I hope my post not just a spam on your blog … hope that is helpfull information for you 🙂 anyways With Best Wishes Yuriy Zolotov

  3. Thanks Johan
    Yes you are right, Its a bug in zephyr. Successive calls make it unusable. I have to make somekind of queue. Definitely it will be added in next release in zephyr. Credit goes to you. Kudos.

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