Update June 8th

I am ow in Bogra for the Akika of my son, Afif. It is great to be with family members again. I am enjoying my time here in my hometown.

As I already passed ZCE, Now I ama bit free. I am writing my next book on WordPress and It will be published by the endof this year. Beside this, I have to work in JavaFrameworks from this saturday, after a 3-week long vacation.

These days I am pretty interested to learn Ruby. Matz made this language an extra ordinarily cryptic, but short. I can do a lot of things with small statements, though the syntax is pretty mystic. I am not familiar with that type of syntax.

I am also planning to extend zephyr, my Open source ajax MVC framework and make a stable release by the end of next month. I already start working on it.

I am very happy these days. I got my two dreams fulfilled by a short interval. I became father and I became ZCE. Thanks Allah for giving me so much.


  1. Wanna to understand some things in Zephyr :
    first) Why i cannot use
    $result = $dao->selectBySQL(“SELECT * FROM my_table );
    with mysql server … when i use
    $result = $dao->selectBySQL(“SHOW DATABASES”); it’s ok but when select get failure…
    query SELECT * FROM my_table is ok what the problem ????
    Whanna to make some usefull package but this problems …

    With Best Wishes

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