Finally – I am the first Zend Certified Engineer from Bangladesh

Well, after dreaming for more than one year and preparing for last couple of weeks, I have passed the Zend PHP Certification exam yesterday. The exam was much tough than I thought and prepared for. Most of all, many questions seem confusing. It seems that all answers are correct – but the truth is only “one”.

When I start the exam – I was pretty nervous. I got a lot of questions checking the syntactical skills. Some questions were from Regular Expressions and Some for Dates. The syntactical questions were more confusing than others.

Before starting the exam we have to agree with a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that we will not disclose any question after exam. So it is not possible to tell any questions here. But just believe me – It is much tough for you if you just study the practice guide and study guide. It requires real life programming skills.

By the way – I am very happy with the result. Though the score is not disclosed so you get the grade “Passed” or “Failed”. If the score were disclosed, it would be better for every developer who has taken the exam.


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