Update 17th May : Bangla Computing

Heres come another birthday in somewherein. Now its T-poo’s time. Happy Birsth Day Dear T-poo.

Last two days I was working for Bangla Blog. Almost everything was done except “English”. Today I just finish the code, now users can write in english as well as in bangla. So far in the history, this is the first full fledged Bangla Forum in internet.

Oh, these things make me nostalgic. I remember the night before my Sisth Semester “Flood Mitigation” exam, How I was planning to make a “Bangla Emailing Service”. Emran bhai and me spent a lot of time in planning the system.

I am working for bangla computing for a long long time, since my 3rd semester in RUET. First I developed a phonetic parser that works with MS Word. When Daffodil bough the source code, it ispired us a lot. After that I started working for a E2B translator as a thesis project of one of my senior brother. That translator can translate simple sentences, from nine types of tense. Later I start working for Bangla Emalier and Bangla Dictionary. From System I developed both system and most surprisingly, BanglaExpress is the largest bangla emailing solution in the world.

When I was introduced with Dr. Shah Musa, chip design architect in Intel Corporation, he explored his dream in a new style of bangla computing called “Nobobangla“. I worked in that project for more than one year. I was the lead developer for that project. I am still involved with that project.

I have also spent a lot of time to develop an open source bangla keyboard manager, Srishty. This is totally unicode based and works pretty fine in all Windows Applications.

Finally I have spent a lot of times developing Bangla Blog, with Emran. Emran is a nice man whom I like very much. He is a genius. During this time I developed the first phonetic parser script for Bangla in web applications. Users can transliterally input english to write bangla. And last but not least, I developed this Bangla Forum.

I really enjoy working with these RnD projects.

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