Using Firefox 2.0 – "Bon Echo"

Well, from one of my favorite blog “Cow at NeonDragon” I came to know about this new release of mozilla firefox. It’s surprising that mozilla is releasing new versions of their firefox in a new name “Bon Echo”. The name is not appealing as its previous sibling. After reading his post I decide to download the current version of Bon Echo,which is still in alpha phase, and test it. I found it is much more user friendly than its siblings. There are also some cool features.

1. In every text area where you can write, you can check spelling by using built-in spell checker. Just right click over the word marked as red and choose the suggestion.

2. Feed reader is rendering feeds in a more elegant way. Just click on any valid RSS link and see the result.

3. Each tab has its own close button which makes it much more user friendly that the previous one

4. It doesn’t consume memory like FF 1.5 – I though Mozilla debug the memory leak.

It is currently in alpha version and long way to run for the final release – But it’s really awesome and worth testing.

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