Update 15th May, 2006 : Whats the story, morning glory

Long ago i have heard the song when oasis and nirvana were fighting to take position in US top chart. I really like nirvana much more than oasis. “Whats the story, morning glory” was a hit song from oasis which rest in top chart for many weeks. Well, that may suit for todays title.

Yesterday I have analysed wordpress and I found some interesting things. Using wordpress, custom fields for each post and get_post_custom_field() function you can develop almost any kind of website. Its amazing.

I was really surprised to see two themes, one is SemiLogic and another is Kiwi.Both enables some amazing administrative panels in wordpress. Using these themes you can trun yout blog into a full featured CMS. WordPress really rocks!!!

gotokal babur jonyo shopping korlam, khub bhalo lagche ekhon. I really cant believe je ami baba hote jacchi ar kichudin porei. ekta amazing feelings. Ayesha ekhon ektu bhalo tobe sarakkhon tense thak operation niye. Oh Allah, save her from all trouble. operation somvoboto 20 tarikher majhei. Ami preparation nicchi ekta leave neyar jonyo, hoyto 3 soptahoer jonyo.

Last night I worked with CURL, just some RnD. Iwas trying to download files in remote server, where the script is running, with resuming. I know I have to pass HTTP_RANGE header anyhow to manage resumed download. Fortunately in CURL there is a option CURLOPT_RANGE which enables you to fetch any range of bytes if you specify them in “start-end” format. that means if I use curl_setopt($curl_resource, CURLOPT_RANGE, “1000-3000”) it will download 2000 bytes started from 1000 bytes. It was amazing.

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