Smarty Book has been published

Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications My Book, “Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications” has been published from packt publishers. I co authored this book with Joao Prado, Sr. software enginer from MySQL AB and Lucian Gheorghe, Sr. network engineer for Globtel Internet. It was really fun writing the book first time in my life.

David helped me a lot. But I remember that day when Damian forward my proposal to David. Without Damian, it may not be possible to start with packt. Rushav Sanghavi and Patricia Weir, My technical editors helped a lot to write something that useful. Especially Rushav spends a great amount of time to execute every code snippet.

I just remember a day when I was studying in seventh semester in RUET, where I graduated from, I was thinking if I can write a book internationally, one day…. . It was a dream to me. Thanks a lot to Packt Publishers for their co-operation. Kudos.


  1. I like your smarty book a lot, but i still get stuck for little code here and there….smarty website is good but not too helpful.
    Any clues?

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