Zephyr Beta 2.0 Released

3 thoughts on “Zephyr Beta 2.0 Released”

  1. Hello Hasin,How are you?
    Congratulation for your Good framework,can you explain more about structure of zephyr?!
    I don’t understand why you use CPAINT and Prototype Together?!
    I think it has Overhead in javascript process. Prototype itself is complete library and you can append an AJAX Handler class to handle request with it …..

  2. ah well, prototype is a part of zephyr from the beta 2.0. Since the first release we used CPAINT for our front end ajaxing. And prototype is used a utility library. I know prototype is a complete base for ajax too, but I cant experiment that right now cause we already have structured over cpaint. So I avoided the risk and keep the plan for future release. I will really try to remove all these overheads, but I was running out of time and thats why CPAINT still bundled with zephyr.

    One more thing I must say, I got very good performance with CPAINT and above all, CPAINT supports multibyte strings to exchange. Does prototype also support multibyte string in their ajax library?

    Are you interested to take part in zephyr’s development?

  3. hi,Thanks for your answers.
    I will be glad to participate in zephyr’s development,but I want a time to read the code and understand the structure of the framewrok .(i saw the workflow diagram of framework and i have a outlook about it!) I am researching about AJAX frameworks now and my knowledge about this issue is’nt at high level!

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