Zephyr : Preparing for Beta2

4 thoughts on “Zephyr : Preparing for Beta2”

  1. Hi from Russia ;)..
    First of all thanx for your work on Zephyr Framework! We’re gonna use it in our internal project coz of simpleness & AJAX-ready. During playing with beta1 we’ve made some changes in the Zephyr core files with our needs. So do you interested in any feedback (or mb patches) from zephyr users? :)..

  2. Definitely – why not!! we are planning for second version from user feedback. Your feedbacks and patches will be a great help to us. Thanks for your interest on zephyr.

  3. Hi.
    i’m using your framework (beta2.0) for my purposes here in chile in a postal office company, i’m trying to build some internal applications, but i can’t get zephyr to connect with my MSSQL through ODBC… because i get the next error:

    ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver ”
    Cannot connect to database. Please check your dsn

    Here’s my dbinfo code:

    public function __construct()
    $this->dbhost = “servidor”;
    $this->dbname = “Datanet”;
    $this->dbuser = “sa”;
    $this->dbpwd = “”;
    $this->dbtype = “mssql”;
    $this->persist = 1;

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