10 signs you are ruining your career as a web app developer

Heh Heh, well – this is an article just highlighting some of experience in last couple of months. I am sometime too much annoyed because of the the attitude of some people, sometime I feel that they are annoyed on me. And I think I should write them down. Signs indicate that you are ruining your career

1. You’ve started implementing (or started believing in) popular (?) asshole driven development in your company (or in your team)
2. You are one of the biggest jerk who’s thinking that you are no more suitable for a “developer” position and you always want to be the PM or tech lead. LOL
3. You cannot find any topic to study this evening
4. You are so busy in development that your last blog post was about 2 or 3 months ago
5. You haven’t contributed in any single open source project yet, WTF!!
6. You are spending time to write a 7 page resume
7. You are not using any RSS aggregator (LOL)
8. You’ve never heard of any framework, nor using any
9. You’re neither member nor active in any online tech forum
10. WAMP is still the development platform for your LAMP app.