Getting HP-1020 Laserjet Printer working on Snow Leopard

Since upgrading to snow leopard from leopard, this was the biggest problem and most frustrating thing for me. My HP Laser-jet 1020 stopped working. I’ve downloaded all possible updates from apple and none works. My good old printer just became a piece of brick (lol, yeah really)

So how did I finally get it running? almost 10-20 hours of googling+downloading+trial and error+cursing and drinking a lot of coffee, open source stuffs saved my day :) – here you go .

#1 – download foomatic-RIP from here (choose the snow leopard package)
#2 – download ghostscript from )choose snow leopard package)
#3 – download foo2zjs from here

#4 Ok, now install GhostScript First, then Install Foomatic-RIP. Just perform a default install. no extra thingy – nothing :)

#5 Now install foo2zjs package. while installing, it will ask for admin access. Then it will open a shell window and display you a list of firmware to choose from. You will find HP-1020 listed on #7 – so type “7” and hit enter. Now if it asks you whether you want to delete the installation file, choose “yes”.

#6 Now open the “helper” folder inside this foo2zjs package and copy the load_LaserJet_firmware_v4 file to anywhere else. We need this file later.

#7 Connect HP-1020 in USb port and Add the printer from your printer preference panel.

#8 Now double click on load_LaserJet_firmware_v4 file that you have copied earlier and run it :)

Ok, now you have a working HP-1020 in your snow leopard. Until HP or Apple releases a patch, this is the only way to get it working. Well, dont forget to send me a cup of coffee for saving you from buying a new printer – lol!

some very useful apps for mac osx, free as well :)

i am a big time fan of mac osx. if you think there are no free+useful app for mac, you are quite wrong. here is my personal favorite list of some free and very useful apps which i use everyday.

CyberDuck CyberDuck: it is my most favorite FTP and SFTP client, and its really very cool. Well, you can use it as a WebDAV and S3 client too. Its open source and you can check it out from here

ALunch: if you use your dock very frequently and are really tired to reconfigure it again and again, alunch is a very nice sticky app launcher for you. it’s organiser is simply awesome and you can arrange all your applications in a a well categorized manner easily. its very nice and one of my very favorites. Check it out from here


iStat Pro and Menus: though it has a name “pro” but it comes for free. it is an awesome device monitoring tool and supplies you very essential information about your mac device, like bandwidth consumption (both eth and bt) temperature, fan RPM, memory usage, cpu usage and it supplies each of these with details. download it from here – btw, forgot to tell you that you can install it in your iphone and ipod touch too!

iStat Pro

Chicken of VNC: it is a nice VNC client for mac. if you have multiple macs in your home or you want to use it as a generic VNC client to your other machines, from you mac – it is the perfect tool. open source and free :)check it out from here

Caffeine: it is another very useful and handy when you really dont want your screen to black out (heh heh). it sits on your top bar with a icon of coffee cup, and once you click on it the machine will stay active for 30 minutes (configurable). no screensaver, no dimming – its show time :D. check it out from here