zembly is deadpooled – 2.5 yrs of effort went in vain :(

I got a bad news this morning that zembly is shutting down their service from 30th next. that’s a very bad news because zembly was a nice service for developers. They’d started their business from june 2007, provided exciting APIs to developers to develop mashups on top of popular services like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and so forth. I’ve seen another popular service like this , appJet, went down this year. Now it’s extremely frustrating that such types of services are shutting down. Why? most probably they’ve failed to secure funding, or may be they’ve some fight in their board of directors, or whatever, who knows and who cares.

But the point is, what happen to developers who has developed their app using services like zembly or appJet? all their efforts to learn these new technology, new tools and to develop some really cool applications using these services just became useless all at a sudden. That’s pathetic, and thats an utter lack-of-respect to your own developers community. These developers are your everything. They were your everything. If these developers didn’t put their efforts for you zembly, you will never survive a quarter, may be six months.

I really dont understand, If you dont have the guts to run your product thats fine. I have no problem with that. But before saying “All our service will be unavailable from blah blah blah” and “We are sorry and blah blah blah” , come on – show a minimal respect to your developer community. After 2.5 years of run, its not a small community after all. And grow up kiddo, before shutting down your company, at least make your project open source – as a sign of minimal respect and loyalty to the developers community who kept you running for so long.

I am sorry for Zembly But I am more sorry for the developer community.