problems uploading large files in php5-fpm and nginx – and solution to that

Today I had encountered a strange error while importing a 10MB XML file in a low end vps, where nginx was configured with php5-fpm and was working pretty nicely. But then, whenever I tried to import that file, after 25% upload the connection drops and page goes blank. It was strange and drove me nuts for some time. I definitely re checked my php.ini settings and everything was fine there, upload_max_filesize was set to 20M and post_max_size was set to 32M. So it was good and definitely not causing any problem. Then I was thinking that something was wrong with nginx config, specially because the connection was dropped in the middle. And guess what, I was actually right :)

So I edited the nginx.conf file and added the following values. I actually tried with just “client_max_body_size” but it was not the cause alone. So client_body_timeout fixed it together :)

client_max_body_size 100m;
client_body_timeout 600s;

After restarting nginx, everything went just perfectly :)

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