WordPress 3.5 Bangla Book

This Book will be written by some Good People in a Collaborative Effort.

Idea and work-flow

We will write a good book on wordpress together, in Bangla, to help the developers and enthusiasts start their journey in developing beautiful themes, plugins and applications completely using wordpress

To keep the flow and tone of writing equally pleasing through out the book, we will have audio files narated by one person. These audio files will be distrbuted in smaller chunks – for example each sections will have their own audio file grouped together as a chapter. Once these audio files are available to everyone, the contributors will download and compose in native bangla text.

Afer the text files are written in bangla, a group of developers will add the example source code through out the chapters.


After the source code are attached and embedded in each chapter, we will send these files to proof readers. After correction, spell checking and fixing minor faults, these files will be sent for page layout.

The page layout group will generate the final pdf files for each of these chapters. After preparing the pdf files for all these chapters, we will bundle them together as a digital book.


The bundled digital book will be distributed under CC-BY-NC-ND (Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivative) License to make it available for free for everyone.

10 thoughts on “WordPress 3.5 Bangla Book”

  1. Hasin vai, could not get clear idea. Who will talk? You or all people interested? If only you, then audio chunks can be divided and distributed. But if many, who will talk on which part? Don’t we need to sit on a meeting about this?

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