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How to "JAILBREAK" your blog

Wait a minute, “Jailbreak”? for blog? You gotta be kidding me!

Unfortunately that word goes best with your iOS devices. No one jailbreaks anything else. So pardon me for using this word to grab your attention. Back to the article, tell me what will you do in following cases

  • You want to deliver your regular blog from your own domain
  • You have a great blog you maintain in wordpress but you also want to deliver the contents from a subdomain of your choice
  • You want to use Facebook comments instead of wordpress’s own commenting system

The answer of #1 comes at a price of $25 (min). The answer of #2 is still possible by paying $13 and #3 is not possible at all as long your blog is hosted with

Moreover you certainly be missing few jQuery tweaks all over your site which you could do with your hosted wordpress blog. But is awesome, scalable and you don’t want to host your blog with pesky/cheap hosts.

For this purpose, use wordpress-com-proxy script which is a small script runs in your hosting and deliver your blog from this domain. The masking and rerouting is very good so that your visitors will not be annoyed. Moreover you will have the Facebook comment plugin enabled by default to increase the engagement.

Using this script is very very easy. Follow the instructions available at All you have to to do is check out the script, modify two lines in config.php and upload somewhere (we suggest using a PaaS like AppFog or OpenShift or PagodaBox for hosting because they are just great!)

For a running example, See my actual blog at which is proxied from for demonstration purpose.

wordpress-com-proxy also loads jQuery in the context so that you can now give your blog awesome look and perform amazing things as long as it is possible with jQuery. Check out the script from and Enjoy your jailbroken wordpress blog

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6 replies on “How to "JAILBREAK" your blog”

Number 1 actually costs $18 per year.

I was interested in the other way, though. Like I’ll be posting stuff on and the same stuff with all categories, tags, and of course the text be delivered to another WordPress self-hosted platform. What I basically want to achieve is manage everything (except for comments) from subdomain ( but the end users will read them from a .com domain hosted on somewhere else with WordPress.

Any trick for that?

Domain Registration is a paid upgrade that costs $18.00 per domain ($25.00 for .me domains), per blog, per year. You can register as many domains as you want on the same blog, but you have to pay for each registration separately.


So I guess both of us are true 🙂 By the way, I don’t have any ready-made solution for the task you are talking about. And I also don’t think that is very easily achievable either.

I’m already using ManageWP. They’re good for managing multiple WordPress installations from same dashboard. But that is not what I wanted. I wanted to publish posts from that will be pushed to my self-hosted site.

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