Here comes Postman, the tiny little app that connects Flickr and Facebook Groups together

Postman Flickr to Facebook Groups photo sharing service

We were working to develop a new utility web application for last couple of days which will help us, the photographers, to easily share photos from our flickr photostream to multiple Facebook groups that we are subscribed to. There was a reason why we wanted to develop this app in the first place. Every time we had to upload the same photo to each of these groups and needless to say that Facebook’s image compression routine still thinks that we live in medieval age, probably King Arthur’s reign. Anyway, the process is boring and time consuming. Another quick and dirty way was to share the photo by Facebook’s group email feature but not every group supports it. So we had to find a way to make it easy for the greater part who uses both Flickr and Facebook to share their photos.

So we’ve developed Postman, a nice little app which does the job very well. Here is what/how it works.

  • Authenticate users against Flickr and Facebook and gathers necessarily permissions (read for Flickr, publish_stream and user_groups for Facebook Connect)
  • Display last 100 photos from user’s Flickr stream in a selectable grid, with the option to load more.
  • Download the 1024px version of the selected photo from Flickr Stream to our server
  • Post that photo to selected Facebook groups using FB PHP-SDK one by one.
  • Delete the photo from server

It actually solved the big problem for us. Postman made it easy for everyone of us (the photographers) and everyone literally loved it. There is one more reason to love WordPress and that is Flickr’s compression algo is really good. So when we download the 1024px version of user’s photo and then push it to Facebook, luckily Facebook  doesn’t do much on that and the photo looks really good. And we used AppFog to host Postman which ultimately proved to be very good choice.

If you are a photographer who uses Flickr to host his photos and then share to multiple Facebook groups, please give POSTMAN a try and we are sure that you will love it.

And last but not the least, Postman can post photos to your Facebook pages too. So Postman is a handy application photographers, by photographers. Use it and enjoy. You can find postman at

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  1. An awesome app, indeed. Though I had to stop using Flickr as they prompted me to upgrade or photos older than most recent 200 will be invisible. 🙁

    Great job!

  2. This app is awesome, although i had liked yesterday and uploaded few of my fliker photos to different page and groups,but to day o d not find this how to upload photos to different page and groups, I am missing the link, help me plz

  3. @Hamim => You can’t upload photos via postman. Just upload your photos in flickr and then come back to postman for sharing.

  4. Wonderful app, so easy to use. I can’t praise it high enough. is the missing piece that connects Facebook & Flickr, the two greatest photo sharing system in existence so far.

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